In 1964, Narito Takeuchi's  grandfather founded eyewear frame factory "Sunoptical” in Sabae-city and has been producing authentic acetate eyewear frames since. This factory was Narito's childhood playground and he grew up to the sound of the spinning barrels and watching buffer's backs.

In 1995, at the age of 15 he started drawing the blueprints of his own frames and 10 years later in 2005 Narito launched Stone-d and he designs and hand makes every pair of glasses with his own hands. 

Having a long history of business gave Narito a tremendous amount of precious data in making eyewear but also left him an irrational system and tradition that he needed to break with his new blood. Most of the factories are closed to public and many processes where kept in secret for decades, but he thought it was important to open a door to his family history and started work-shops and factory tours in order to receive direct feedback from his customers.

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