Padmore & Barnes

Padmore & Barnes were founded in 1934 and operated a successful factory for many years bringing them to the attention of Clarks. In 1964 Clarks purchased the factory and 3 years later they introduced the Wallabee with the Padmore & Barnes factory used for production. The Wallabee's popularity soared and P&B were producing up to 25,000 pairs a week from Kilkenny with around 500 people employed at the plant and hundreds more employed to hand-stitch the shoes at home. In 1987 Padmore & Barnes had a management buy-out as Clarks moved their production to China and they have remained independent since, most recently revived by Frank Bryan in 2012. Padmore & Barnes have worked with some of the most respected companies in our industry including Supreme (way back in 2000), Starcow and Hanon.

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