Touch Sensitive Records

Group Zero - Structures And Light LP

12 Inch Vinyl. First Pressing: 300 copies.  Includes download code.

'Structures And Light’ is the first record from Group Zero (Cathal Cully - Girls Names).  Written, recorded and mixed intermittently over four years, the narrative of ‘Structures And Light’ is bound by a deepening connection with electronics, instrumentation, and the studio. 

This first collection of Group Zero music, along with a library of other ideas and sketches was thought to be eternally lost and all but forgotten until a chance conversation with Touch Sensitive led to the tracks being salvaged and subsequently restored.

Cully was also taking influence from a range of contemporary electronic producers - on labels such as LIES, Diagonal, Optimo Music, Blackest Ever Black, and PAN. 

If you have not heard this album get listening!!

Touch Sensitive Records | TSR08 | LP / DL