It all started in California in the 1970s, when a new generation of free-spirited rock-climbers known as the Stonemasters took residency at Yosemite National Park, pioneering a new way of climbing with a strong focus on speed. This created what we now know as modern big wall climbing. creating what will become what we now know as modern big wall climbing. They were among the first to perfect free-soloing which is the art of scaling vast rock faces without any ropes or harnesses.

These new methods required a new uniform and Mike Graham, a Stonemaster with a keen eye for design, set about creating the first true climbing shorts. Graham started out in a garage in Ventura and since 1982 Gramicci has been making functional clothing which are built for movement and life in the great outdoors. The trousers soon followed the short and word of these seemingly-indestructible “G-Pants” soon spread spread. Their popularity wasn’t limited to rock climbers either and by the mid-80s a small contingent of surfers and skaters were seeking out these hard-wearing pants with the little hand-drawn ‘running man’ logo.
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