IDEA Glen Luchford Prada 96-98 (Second Edition)

IDEA pitch Glen Luchford Prada 96-98 as the best book they ever made and very possibly, one of the greatest fashion photography books ever made.

Prada commissioned Glen Luchford and he spent 2 years of his life making these images which include Amber Valletta and Willem Dafoe and Joaquin Phoenix and others who modelled for him; David James who art directed the original campaigns and Ezra Petronio who has designed and fashioned this book. There is also Lou Stoppard who interviewed Glen for the text in the book.

Clothbound hardback with debossed prints and text on front cover and printed photograph on back cover.

Designed by Exra Petronio.

30.5 x 28cm.

116 pages including Chromolux inserts.

Second edition of 1000.

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